Enhle Mbali shares threatening messages from unknown person


Enhle Mbali recently took to her Instagram to share a threatening message she got from an unknown person.

The star had the conversation on her phone and the person wants to leak her nudes she allegedly shared with a person named Peter.

A few days ago, it was reported that she has broken up with her boyfriend Peter Sebiloane after he went broke.

The actress was rumored to be dating the millionaire businessman months ago, following her divorce from Black Coffee.

Well, an unknown person is threatening her now.

“Why are you telling me about Peter?” started Enhle in the messages.

She got a response threatening to leak her supposed nude pictures with this said Peter

“We have the sexy pics you sent each other that will get more views,” reads the message.

Enhle then responded by saying, “What do I have to do with this Peter? You uses my name to lie. Thanks for admitting you illegally tapping phones. What happens in the dark comes to light.”

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She then received a threat saying, “You gave been warned we also have rights.”

Enhle then said she does not appreciate the threats and told the unknown person to “keep digging this whole.”

She had previously gone on Instagram live to speak about this in more detail. But she has since deleted the video.

She captioned ith a quote about women’s empowerment. “Ain’t I a woman?” A pertinent question asked by Sorjourner Truth, when her truth was being surprised. I spoke up last night against the evil and gaslighting that has tore melted me into a psyche ward, because how dare recognize #AmaLungelo that women such Sojourner fought for. All because I fell outside of a cabal! #SonkeSinamaLungelo *illegally *comes.”

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