ESPORTS BETTING – Identifying Fight Patterns, Skills, and Abilities

With increasing SHOUTOUT to VALORANT, the first-person shooter game is gaining popularity. While the VALORANT community is growing, so is the market associated with it. If you’re new to Esports betting, you need to know Esports and how the Esports market is expanding, specifically VALORANT’s. The first person shooter is a 5vs5 action gameplay. VALORANT is the combination of focus aim games with elemental abilities that brings a unique interface to engage with. Since VALORANT’s Champions Tour plan unveiled, many competitive scenes may take off.

Esports Betting

Betting tactics vary based on the market and bookmakers often offer live betting options. Whereas, this might turn out unsuitable for betting on an ongoing match. Selecting the betting market needs data on team tactics and resources. Players often make their move quickly to have an immediate engagement which reduces betting time. During this moment, if you’re to bet on any betting market such as map handicap or map winner. You don’t get enough time to place the bet.  Making your bet is also a matter of the team’s weapons and abilities. Teams with effective and advanced weapons are likely to win against the one with less effective weapons.

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Esports Betting

Esports betting is largely dependent on Skill, Character Abilities, Weapons, and Playing team. VALORANTS’ agent has an ultimate ability which allows the player to use it 1 to 3 times each half. This allows the agent to resurrect teammates, enhanced movements, and intelligence. Knowing the player’s ability and the pattern is also a factor to predict a potential winner. For better offerings, it is important to know the map, current round, and skills.

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