Fans Praises Ayanda Daweti For His Exemplary Performance on Scandal

Ayanda’s Performance on Scandal’s Big Revelation Is What Endeared Him To The Fans

Fans of Scandal aired on eTV were impressed by Ayanda Daweti’s performance. He is a talented actor who plays Chumani Langa on Scandal. The fans felt that Ayanda’s last performance on Scandal deserves an Oscar award.

In the last episode, viewers were disappointed at the tribulations Chumi was facing. He was made to kill his father under the influence of drugs and lies from his mother. In his broken state, he finally gathered the courage to confront his mother, Boniswa Langa.

Chumi, the character Ayanda is playing is in crossroads. He is trying to deal with the fact that he just came out as gay. Ayanda likes playing the role of the gay young man eight years his junior. The actor noted that playing the gay character was educational, and it’s strange that in 2019 people still judge people by their sexuality.

Ayanda is one of the most praised actors on the show for his skills. However, his performance in the last episode of Scandal that led to the exposure of Boniswa was seen as epic. The award-winning actor was trending courtesy of his perverted Langa family.

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If Ayanda continues with his exemplary performance, then he is likely to join the ranks of South African actors who have won the coveted Oscar awards. In 2018, he won a Golden Horn award at the South African Film and Television Award. He received the award for his performance in the movies Okae Malao.

Despite the success he has achieved, Ayanda is still working hard to improve himself and uses music as a type of therapy.

Ayanda is a musician who goes by the stage name Tucjshop Bafanaz. In 2019, he released an album which he dedicated to his mother. He currently 30 years old with a bright future awaiting. Ayanda has the aspiration to make more music and feature some of the most popular artists.

The star has also undergone through heartbreaks. He lost his girlfriend Xola in 2010 in a tragic car accident. The two were dating from 2007. He lost his mother to heart complications at a tender age of 13 years old and moved in with his aunt Stella Sondaba and grandmother Nomonde Sondaba in Eastern Cape Town.

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In spite of the challenges Ayanda has faced, he managed to keep viewers glued for months as they watch him play Chumani on Scandal. This talented young man is a power to reckon with and may join South African Oscar winners in the future.

Among African countries, South Africa dominates when it comes to the number of Oscar winners. A South African actor was nominated for the first time for Oscar in 1937 during the 9th Academy Awards. The nominee was Basil Rathbone, a South African-born British actor. He was nominated for the best supporting actor in the play Romeo and Juliet.

Since then, many other great actors from South Africa have won the academy awards. Let’s look at some of the actors who have won Oscar awards in recent years. In 2003, Charlize Theron won an Oscar for the Best Actress for the film “Monster.”

In the same year, Ronald Hardwood won an academy award for the Best Adapted Screenplay for his role in the film “The Pianist.” The movie “Tsotsi” won the Best Foreign Language Film in 2005 during the 78th Academy Awards. Another film that won the Best Foreign Language is the “Noem My Shollie (Call Me Thief)” that won an Oscar in 2017.

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Those are just some of the fine actors from South African who have won the Oscars. Many other South African films and actors have received Oscar nominations. Winning an Oscar is an uphill task, and a nomination doesn’t guarantee a win.

Ayanda will still have to do more before receiving a nomination for the awards. Nevertheless, the encouragement he has received from his fans goes a long way in ensuring that the actor stays on track. In the near future, who knows, may the actor will finally bag the award. If the fans have seen it, they may be right.


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