Gail Mabalane’s Ethnogenics brand scores big win

Gail Mabalane

Gail Mabalane announces that her hair-care brand, Ethnogenics has scored a huge win.

The actress has no regrets seven months after launching the brand.

Clicks SA awarded the brand as it reached the number one premium hair care, including online.

“My baby @ethnogenics I couldn’t be more proud. After 7 months of being on shelves, we reached #Number1 in premium hair care…and #Number1 in haircare online.”

Gail appreciated Clicks for the opportunity and the people who supported her brand.

“Thank you @clicks_sa for this incredible opportunity. Here’s to everyone who has supported us from the very beginning. To everyone who believes in me, and the brand and buys it. Here’s to more knowledge, more authentic conversations and more growth. Here’s to #SmartHairCare,” she added.