Gaosi Raditholo returns to Season 3 of HBO’s “Warrior”


Gaosi Raditholo has announced her return to Season 3 of HBO’s  Warrior.

The star is quickly establishing herself as one of the continent’s most talented actresses.

Seven years on from her TV debut on SABC 2’s “Keeping Score”, Raditholo is now growing into a bona fide star.

Her latest move is arguably the biggest of her career thus far.

After landing a role on the globally syndicated HBO Max martial arts crime drama “Warrior” in 2018, she has now secured a more prominent role in the series’ third season.

“Warrior” is based on the writings of the iconic cultural figure Bruce Lee, and is set during the Tong Wars which took place in the 1800s in San Francisco. Knowing that this show was inspired by the writings of the legendary Bruce Lee was very exciting.

“I grew up watching his films, so I am truly humbled to be part of such a great project with a compelling story. It’s also a bonus that it puts forward Asian-American representation so beautifully.”

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