“He couldn’t write one bar”: J Molley says collaboration with Emtee isn’t happening (Video)

J Molley says Emtee is a Lean addict

J Molley pulls out of the joint EP music project he was working on with Emtee.

The two came together to collaborate after Molley failed to commit suicide in June

Some celebrities showed the rapper love on social media, including Emtee.

Taking to Twitter, the father-of-three spoke highly of the project, but as it currently stands, fans will not be getting any project from the two rappers.

In a video shared on social media, J Molley announced that the joint EP isn’t happening anymore as he pulled out of it due to Emtee’s irresponsible behaviour.

J revealed that he paid for the food, and transportation, and bought the rapper Lean, despite all of the money spent in ensuring that the project was completed and released, Emtee reportedly couldn’t write lyrics for the music project as he was busy sleeping due to the intake of lean.

Molley revealed in the video that rapper Emtee is a lean addict, further confirming the public’s perception of the Roll Up star.

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“What I do as a stand-up guy, I pay for the studio sessions, I gave them gas money because motherf**s ain’t got no money. So I gave them gas money, they pulled up, I buy them KFC, they can’t afford their own KFC. I buy lean for them, I buy lean for Emtee and Youngserunno,” J Molley said.

“He did passed out on the couch, he couldn’t put his shoe on. I had three sessions with Emtee in the last week, he couldn’t even rap one bar. I would leave him in the studio so that he do your thing king, come back, motherf** rap four bars in two hours and two of the lines rhyme with each other, so that’s four bars with the same things,” he added.

“So like for the last three sessions with me, I’ve paid for everything, I bought them KFC, I paid for the transport, they pull to the studio, I buy them lean, Emtee is a lean addict and Youngseruno, so I buy lean for them. Whether Emtee is sleeping or he is on Live swearing at his fans that’s what he does best.”