Here are some facts about ‘losing virginity!’

Losing your virginity may seem like a big feat that can make you feel on cloud nine.

You should be mentally and emotionally prepared to have sex because if you aren’t, you may feel uncomfortable and awkward.

But if you know everything there is to know about losing your virginity, you can have a gala time!

Here are some interesting facts that you should be aware of if you are planning to lose your virginity.

1. Losing virginity is different for all

Some may consider anal penetration as losing their virginity. Some may consider fingering to be another way. It is not just vaginal penetration by a penis that people consider. It all boils down to one’s own beliefs about the same.

2. Your hymen doesn’t ‘pop’

3. There will be no changes in your body

Your body isn’t going to change magically after you have sex. You won’t feel any different except for the fact that you now know that you have had sex. Your cheeks may look flushed or you may get a glow on your face, but that’s just about it.

4. First-time sex may not actually hurt

Losing virginity is different for every person. Some may feel intense pain while some may not feel any pain at all! And yes, that is actually possible by being fully prepared for your first time. Apply loads of lubricant!

5. It won’t be a blood-crime scene in the bedsheets

The hymen is just a thin sheet of muscle around the vagina and when torn, only a small amount of blood comes out. There will be only minor bleeding but it won’t really cause a mess in the sheets.

6. Orgasms are different for everyone

Some people climax really quickly while some take an eternity. It is likely for women to experience an orgasm very rarely and it’s likely for men to experience an orgasm really fast. Women take a lot of time to climax because they need to be sexually stimulated enough.

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7. Foreplay for the win

Foreplay is one of the biggest reasons why women are able to climax. Kissing, slow grabbing and touching, sucking the neck etc. are good enough ways to get the temperature high. Women can experience a higher chance of orgasm when foreplay gets into the picture.

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