Here’s what a couple’s texting style reveals about their relationship

Whether it is through WhatsApp or other social media messengers, most of us use text messages to stay connected with our partner.

But it seems what we write can reveal a lot about our relationship.

A study published in the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy tried analysing couples’ texting habits and concluded technology actually has the potential to lead to serious relationship problems

​The study

The researchers at the Brigham Young University studied 276 young adults and each participant filled an extensive questionnaire that quizzed him or her about the role of technology in their romantic relationship. As per the statistics, 38 per cent of these respondents claimed to be in a serious relationship, 46 per cent were engaged and 16 percent were married

The general finding

As expected, the majority of the participants (82 per cent) exchanged text messages with their lover multiple times a day. Interestingly, the conversations were not just around sharing sweet messages or asking generic questions. Many couples used texting to sort out issues, talk about their relationship and get on the same page.

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What men feel

The study concluded that texting can have different impacts on different genders. In the case of men, too much texting is associated with lower levels of relationship satisfaction.

What about women?

The research indicated that women who often rely on text messages to sort out issues in their relationship, make decisions or apologise are more likely to have lower relationship quality.

The advantage of texting

Texting to your partner has its benefits as well. Exchanging sweet text messages with a lover helps to strengthen the relationship for both men and women. Also, sending a love message was strongly associated with relationship satisfaction than receiving one.

What researchers suggest

Researchers suggest that using text messages as a tool of communication can sometimes lead to misunderstanding between partners. Plus, it might also make difficult to decode what other person is feeling and trying to convey. “Reaction to disappointment and reality testing occurs more quickly face to face. There is a narrowness with texting and you don’t get to see the breadth of a person that you need to see,” said Jonathan Sandberg, one of the researchers.

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It all make sense

Communicating over text has its own pros and cons. It is quite a convenient option to talk and it takes merely a few seconds to send a message. However, there are continuous chances of misinterpretation of these messages. Therefore, it is always wise to discuss important issues with your significant other face-to-face rather than relying upon written communication.

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