Here’s what gaslighting looks like in marriages

The term gaslighting has been used many times; however, some people are still unaware of its meaning and related behaviours.

Therapist Dr Angela Jones now explains what it means and looks like on The Isiah Factor: Uncensored. She focuses specifically on gaslighting in marriages.

Dr Angela first describes what the term means. “Gaslighting, in short, means that one person uses a manipulative tactic to make you question your reality. They’re making you feel that whatever it is that you’re feeling, thinking, seeing or experiencing is not true and that you need to believe them and not yourself.”

She then makes an example of a married couple where a woman told her husband that his best friend groped her, and the husband doesn’t believe her, and he’s basically saying, ‘you’re a liar, and my friend doesn’t do that’.” She offered advice on how one could address the situation.

“A lot of people don’t do anything; they sit and question their reality, or the other person doesn’t want to believe what they’re being told, and in this case, the husband doesn’t believe his best friend is an issue. He doesn’t question his judgement in the friends he chooses.” She continues to say this is damaging and shows a lack of trust in the relationship. It shows no respect in the relationship, and if you’re experiencing it, you need to sit down and think about what has just happened. Be persistent in staying in your reality.

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