People belonging to this zodiac sign are quite impatient and have a thing for quickies.

They are passionate but don’t like devoting much time in foreplay.

They like rough sex and won’t mind if you play with their hair, scratch their back or rub their shoulders.


Taureans like to have sex at their own pace and hate to rush anything. They enjoy every little thing during the deed including their partner’s scent, the touch and sound. For them, sex is a sensual experience and they love it when all their senses are stimulated.


Geminis are friendly and fun-loving people. They have great flirting skills and all you need to do to turn them on is some dirty talking. Period. Further, they love experimenting in the bedroom and if you are looking for ways to make them go crazy in bed, trying out a few new positions is a great idea!

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People born under this zodiac sign are very emotional and have sex only when they feel some connection with their partner. They love when their partner takes time to cuddle, talk sweet nothings and make love rather than having sex. Starting the deed with a few forehead kisses and appreciating how special he or she is would get the ball rolling.


Leos are born leaders and like to take charge in the bedroom as well. Hence, they would enjoy if their partner is a little submissive and most importantly, is comfortable with sex positions where they get to dominate.


Virgos are romantic and playful by nature and like to experiment sexually. You can talk to them about your sexual fantasies and they would happily go to any length to make it come true.


Librans love to dedicate good time to foreplay and put efforts to make their sex session a memorable experience. What can you do to impress them? Put on the music of their choice, some interesting lingerie, lit a few scented candles and chat over a drink—we can assure the time ahead is going to be amazing.

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Scorpios are the most sensual amongst all the zodiac signs and are really passionate in the bedroom. They have a high sex drive and needless to say, crave for a steamy sex session. They love it when their partner is equally excited as them and involved in the deed.


Sagittarians are charming, affectionate and adventurous people. They tend to get bored easily and hence, are always up for trying something new in the bedroom. Whether it is having sex at a new place, trying out a new position, indulging in role-playing—they like to experiment with anything and everything.


Like Scorpios, they also have a strong libido and love to have an intense sex session. They like being dominated and for most of them, rough sex is the key to have an amazing time with their partner.


Aquarians are known to be intellectuals and like to be stimulated mentally. Instead of getting down to business, hold a conversation to turn them on. Start with asking about the nitty-gritty of their day and then steer the conversation to some dirty talking, we guarantee you will have a good time ahead!

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Pisceans are quite imaginative by nature and have lots of sexual fantasies. All you need to do to excite them is by throwing them a surprise by making one of their sexual fantasies come true.