How Korean dramas have affected our love lives

Ever since we got exposed to Korean dramas, our perspective towards love and relationships changed.

Singles imagine a fairy tale love story, while married couples crave for a relationship that has more passion and power.

Let us have a look at how Korean dramas have changed our attitude towards love!

1. The pretty faces

The handsome or pretty and flawless faces have given us an unreal image of a lover. Without realising that the reality can be very different, we want to believe in what we see on screen. The K-drama lovers no longer seek men or women who have rugged features or attractive dusky faces but they look for smooth skinned, pink lipped men who have a feminine touch to them. What I felt when I binge watched these shows was that you have to be confident of your sexuality and your masculinity to wear such clothes which some men lack. We tend to compare and downgrade our men even more because our men are taught to hide their soft side, lock away their tears, rarely express how they truly feel and fake their macho attitude. It is not their fault.

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2. The expectations

The biggest gift Korean dramas gave women was the realization how important self respect is and that it is crucial for the man you want to be with to treat you right without taking anything for granted. We are not saying that men should pay the bills and pull the chair, that would anyday be the cherry on top, but what we should expect is the space and respect that our characters played by Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk and Gong Yoo give to the ladies around them. What women generally hunt for in men is mostly respect. They want to be with someone who can protect them but only when they want it not because they need it. Subtle gestures of understanding and giving the lady her space when she is feeling low are very important. There are many things that are shown in K-Dramas that seem to have been researched and cross checked by several women’s secret diaries where they have listed what they want in their prince.

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3. The hygiene

Interestingly, all K-Dramas ofcourse have shown how particular men should be when it comes to hygiene, something that many men lack in real life. Not just hygiene, even simple eating and bathroom etiquettes have been instilled in our Korean characters. Right from brushing their teeth to keeping everything back to its original place to clean nails and how they hang their clothes no matter what the financial status is.

4. Taking rejection

In Korean dramas, the hero is of course heartbroken but this does not make him or her take any revenge or lash out. If you are a fan of K-dramas you know that a simple “thank you for liking me but my heart is with someone else” is enough to reject someone’s feelings. There is no revenge murder like we have in real life.

How has the Korean wave affected your love life? Have you seen any change? Do share with us in the comments section below.