How men can brighten their inner thighs and butts

Before we go on to tell you this, remember that pigmentation around your private parts and buttocks are absolutely normal and you should be comfortable in your skin.
However, if you still wish to brighten it for yourself and not for someone else, here are a few tips.
1. Avoid friction by switching to seamless underwear.
Pigmentation usually happens through friction. Switch to seamless underwear and wear jeans that doesn’t rub onto your butt cheeks.
2. Don’t scrub rather use a cleaner
Gently rub your butt cheeks with your hands using a body wash but don’t scrub, as it causes friction.
3. Laser brightening treatment
You can go for professional laser whitening treatment around your butts to get instant result.

4. Use emollient cream or oil

This will protect your skin from chaffing.