How to break the ice after an argument

Arguments happen, and they don’t always end well. Sometimes, you still don’t feel good after talking and letting out all that anger.

That’s where the ice comes in. healthy silences can help you reassess your feelings and replay the last few days’ events.

During this period of reflection, you may decide that despite your former disposition, your partner was right.

You want to get back with them, but they’re still in the cold shoulder phase. How do you break the ice after an argument?

1. A cute epistle

Honesty always wins. If you don’t know what to say, just tell them everything. Write a cute epistle about how much you miss them, want them back, and can’t stop thinking about them. Remember to add that you’re ready to do better than just good enough.

2. Try somewhere you’re familiar with

Maybe what you both need isn’t time apart, but time together in a different environment. However, because new environments can cause some tension, try a fairly familiar place. For example, try a new hike location if you’ve been on a hike before, try a new hike location.

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3. Make them their favorite breakfast

There’s no underestimating how an argument can ruin a day, in extreme cases, even weeks. You can make up for that by making them breakfast. This is a sign that you’re ready to extend the olive branch and bridge the gap. You may start a conversation over breakfast, but don’t force it.

4. Send their favorite snack to them at work

Sending a package across has its appeal. It puts in a good word for you when you’re nowhere near, and will have your special person thinking of you all day. Don’t forget to add a cute note that expresses just how you feel at that moment.

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