How to celebrate Christmas on a budget

The Christmas season is a time when people spend a lot of money.

There is a tendency to splurge on the present without thinking about the future, and then once January comes, you’re struggling to survive or in debt.

This year especially, many people will probably find themselves with less money for enjoyment because life has been expensive in general.

Budgeting during the festive season doesn’t sound fun but this is a financial move that will help you stay secure as the New Year fast approaches.

Resist the pressure to overspend while you could have a fun budget Christmas. If you follow these simple tips religiously you will for sure be financially secure and still celebrate the holidays:

1. Organise party contributions

December is the biggest party month of the year. People throw parties for their friends and family members in the spirit of generosity.

If you’re the one who would typically organize and fund these parties but you’re unable to do that this year without support, you have to be honest. Let your guests know that this year you should all contribute to food and drinks so that you’re not the only one who is burdened by the bills.

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2. Make use of discounts

The best part about the holidays is that there are lots of offers. You will come across them in online stores and even physical locations like supermarkets.

This is the best time for you to take advantage of these two-for-one offers and discounted prices so that you can save more.

But as you do that, don’t get carried away because you might end up overspending if you’re not careful.

3. Skip the decorations

Decorations are a major highlight of Christmas. The shimmering lights and beautiful ornaments add to the essence of the holiday.

When you’re on a budget though, decorations become an unnecessary expense because they are not exactly cheap. They are also not needed any other time of the year so it would make sense to just not buy any especially if you already have from the past years.

But if you still really want some you can buy a few and then store them properly when the season is over for next year and the years after.

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4. Plan free activities

This year you could also avoid extravagant activities like expensive dinners and out-of-town trips that might ruin your budget.

Instead, think of fun activities that are either affordable or free like going to the park or game night at home. What matters is that you will spend time with the people you love so it’s perfectly fine if you’re not planning to splash a lot of money on holiday activities.

5. Cook simple meals

Cooking at home is a great way to save but during a holiday, it might actually cost more. You’re cooking for more people and a variety of meals that could still be costly.

What you can do is research simple but delicious recipes that you can still have as you celebrate. You can learn how to turn simple ingredients into five-star meals for your Christmas menu this year.