How to choose the perfect nail polish for your skin tone

Have you ever worn a colour that just looks perfect on you? You can’t really explain it but, that’s the colour that gets you the most compliments?

Well, that colour probably looked amazing because it blended well with your skin tone.

And actually, part of having great style is knowing which colours look good on you.

It might seem like a lot of work to figure out the right colours for you but that is how you come up with your signature look.

This secret style hack will also come in handy when choosing nail polish colours because a perfect polish colour can instantly elevate the rest of your look.

To get you started on this journey here is how you can figure out the best polish for you using these five tips:

1. Find your undertones

The three main categories when we talk about undertones are warm, cool and neutral. These undertones determine what colours suit each one of us best, and that is why you should find yours.

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There are different tests that you can use to know what yours is like wearing a white shirt under bright natural light or checking the colour of your veins. Try these tests to find what yours is because you might have the same skin tone as someone else but have completely different undertones.

2. Experiment with new colours

A fun experiment you can do to know what works for you is trying out different polish colours. Your skin tone can accommodate a wide range of colours so you might be surprised to find that some that you never considered actually look great on you.

As you do this, you can write down a list from your least favourite to the ones you love. This will let you know what options you have.

3. Choose different brands

The other thing you can try is to check how different nail polish brands look on you. All of them have unique formulas and you will only get to notice once you try them.

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You could discover that one company’s nude might end up looking better on you as compared to another’s. To make the process easier, experiment with colours that are already on the list of those that match your undertones.

4. Try different shades of the same colour

If you have specific colours that you already like, you can expand your options by trying more shades within that same family.

For example, with red, there are lighter, medium and dark shades, and all of them could bring out a different look. So, try this out and see what specific shades make you pop.

5. Ask for some feedback

Another easy way to figure it all out is to ask those around you. This can be very helpful because you might think that the colour looks perfect on you only to receive different feedback. So just find out what people think to confirm if you are on track.

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Also, if you wear a certain colour and notice that you’re getting a lot of compliments that could be the one.

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