How to cope when children leave the nest

Parenting is full of significant life events that will forever be etched on your mind.

It is a milestone when you see your children go from preschool to when they leave for college then eventually forging their paths in this world, no longer running to you for their needs.

Many parents struggle with this big event when children finally go live by themselves.

Although it is not a clinically diagnosed condition, the empty nest syndrome is accompanied by grief, sadness and loneliness.

Some parents even get into some depression from the loss of a lifestyle and relationship they were accustomed to with their children in the picture.

On one hand, you are proud and happy to see your child get on their feet while on the other hand, you cannot ignore feelings of anxiety. You wonder and worry about their well-being.

It is a sad feeling when you wake up to an empty house following the departure of your beloved children.

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Amidst that silence, you cry at the sight of their photo and the next minute you are excited about the newfound freedom and you do not know what to do with it, yet.

When fear grips you after seeing some bad news on social media, you are tempted to check up on them every minute and know their every move.

This loss of control when you can no longer keep tabs on them can be debilitating. Your imagination runs wild at night and you catastrophise the most minor incidents.

Despite having faith in your child and hoping your parenting gave them the skills and lessons to be responsible adults, trusting them to take care of themselves is not always easy, especially if they happen to enjoy the party life a little too much.

But three months, a year down, you start to overcome those feelings. Reality has finally kicked in and once you have gone through that rollercoaster of emotions you can now get into your new rhythm and enjoy your routine.

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Instead of picking up and dropping the children everywhere you can now go on that random trip, pick up a new hobby or even remarry if you choose to.

You will experience some newfound relief from the freedom.

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