How to keep snakes away from your environment

Are you scared of snakes and want to keep them away from your environment?

Have you spotted one or two snakes in your backyard and you are wondering how to get rid of them?

Most people hate snakes and always want to keep them away.

There are natural ways to keep snakes off your environment and here are five of them;

Certain environments that have grasses, piles of wood, and leaves are often very attractive to snakes. To keep snakes off your environment, it is best to keep your environment clean.

Keep your grasses short to eliminate hiding spots and remove anything that could be hiding spots for these unwelcome visitors.

These birds might be hard to come by but there is also the option of the Guinea fowl. These birds are known for their snake-hunting abilities and can be a beneficial addition to your environment if you are looking to repel snakes.

Garlic and onions contain sulfonic acid, which repels snakes. You can easily use them to repel snakes in your backyard by creating a spray by blending garlic and onions with water.

Bitter kola is also known to have snake-repellant properties. To use bitter kola as a snake repellant, simply spread at different places around a building, a house or around your environment.

The seeds of bitter kola can also be cut into different pieces after the outer part has been removed. Then spread the pieces around your environment. Snakes will migrate at least 300 metres away from it.

By making your property less inviting and more challenging for snakes to navigate, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering these reptiles.