How to make restaurant-style chicken wings for your next party

It’s a holiday & party season when people enjoy the appetizers most and what better than chicken wings?
It is one of the juiciest & flavourful dishes that can be cooked without any fuss. Whether baked or fried, chicken wings are totally addicting and perfect for any occasion.
Depending on your taste palate, you can add flavours to your dishes such as chilli, lemon honey mustard and even chocolate.
In this article, we will share with you the easiest process to make crispy and delicious chicken wings.

Flavourful chicken wings

Traditionally, this dish is made by deep frying the chicken wings which are coated in breadcrumbs and flour until browned well. To increase the flavours in the dish, the chicken wings are marinated with different flavoured sauces which makes the wings juicy and mouth-watering. If you are ready to make these restaurant-style chicken wings at home, here are some simple tips and tricks that can serve as a helping hand to you.

Tip#1: The Cutting

Before you start the preparations, it’s important to cut the chicken wings as it can provide a better flavour to the dish while providing it with a great texture and shape. Though, this step is completely optional and is not always required. It depends on the choice of the cook. If you are opting for cutting, then make sure that you use a sharp knife for the chicken wings. Also, experts agree that to make the chicken wings juicier, it’s always best to add them to a brine solution as it helps in making the chicken tender as well.

Tip#2: The marination

Once you have trimmed or cut the chicken wings, the next step is marination. Now, when it comes to the marination, make sure that the sauces you are using are full of flavours and masala, as only then those chicken wings will become flavourful. The perfect marination for this dish should be a mix of herbs & spices with olive oil mixed in it. Now, depending on the flavours you want, the sauces can be added to the marinade that includes – bbq sauce, soy sauce, chilli sauce or even a sweet sauce. Another important point to take care of is to massage the wings well, as only then you will get a nice & juicy dish. Also, if experts are to be believed, then you must keep the marinated chicken for 2-3 hours in the fridge.

Tip#3 The final glaze

Always, make sure that you finish off the chicken wings by glazing them with either ketchup or sauce. This makes sure that the chicken wings get an extra flavour. Also, for making them restaurant-style, this last step is more important.