How to make your boss happy in just 5 minutes!

Bosses provide guidance, feedback and help to employees so that they can grow professionally in their careers.

Hence, it is absolutely necessary to make your boss happy with your work. But can you really make your boss happy?

This is a question that every employee wonders and to solve that, here are some ways in which you can make your boss happy in simply 5 minutes!

Eager to know? Scroll down.

1. Note down instructions

Always make it a habit to note down the things you learn at the workplace. You shouldn’t have to bug your boss many times for something they have taught you already. Hence, writing down instructions, steps and remembering them can make you look really efficient and diligent.

2. Observe how your boss communicates

Observing your boss’ communication style and keeping up with it can make all the difference. If you end up learning all about how your boss works and conveys their ideas, it can impress them. Know when and how to manage a situation and see your boss be really happy about it!

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3. Ask them if they want to know about your positive reviews

Whenever you get a positive feedback from someone other than your boss, try to put it out there. But don’t be too annoying by going on and on about every feedback you receive. The way to tackle this is to subtly ask them whether they want you to keep them in loop about the feedback you receive from others.

4. Help everyone

Be the person who everyone comes to, for help. Even if it isn’t your forte, let them know but never avoid showing your eagerness to help people. This will impress your boss who will consider you a great team player.

5. Send follow-up mails

Bosses are really busy. There are high chances that they might forget a critical task sometime or the other. It is now that you take the initiative to send a follow-up mail so that your boss knows about what actually is going on, instead of simply forgetting about a task.

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6. Always have a plan

The number one thing bosses look for in efficient candidates is whether they have a plan. If there is a problem at hand and if you have a solution and plan ready, your boss will definitely appreciate you for your swift and handy response.

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