How to not let anyone take advantage of you at work

In life there are 2 kinds of people. One is a hard worker who gets the work done and the other is an opportunist who uses people and situations to get their work done.

The latter can also take advantage of people. If we look at your work scenario, many people complain about it.

They feel that they are given tasks that do not come under their field or KRA.

Sometimes it is fine but if it is repetitive and you are not even being acknowledged for the same then remember that this is a sign that you are being used and taken advantage of.

So, here are 5 things that you must keep in mind and never fall for the honey trap.

1. Stick to your work

When you are hired, it is for a specific KRA, to justify a title. The other tasks are not at all related to your field. When a company realises that you are good at what you do, they sometimes assign you more tasks and sometimes those tasks are not related to your job description. They do take advantage of your work management skills and this is why it is best to stick to the tasks you normally do. Bring freshness to that every few months so that they do not think that you are in a robotic mode.

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2. Keep the boss well informed

No matter what you do, even if it is a small break, someone else has requested you to help them with a task in your boss’ absence, you keep your boss informed. You must always keep your boss in the know about your whereabouts.

3. Set your boundaries

No matter where you are, you must draw your boundaries whether at work or in your personal life. Develop such an attitude that if anyone wants to assign you something, they ask you and not just place an order.

4. Speak up

Standing up for yourself is very important. If you are being overburdened with tasks and there is no bandwidth then you must speak up. If you say nothing, you will definitely be taken for granted and given more work. You cannot always be a people pleaser and you must put yourself first.

5. You can resign

This is a very big step which must be taken as the last resort. Don’t ever think that you will not get a job elsewhere or your life ends here. If your company does not think you are indispensable then remember that even companies are replaceable. If you are a hard worker, they too will lose a good employee. But take this is as a solution only if you feel tortured.

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