How to reconnect with your teenager

Teenhood is often when the disconnect starts to happen.

It’s very common for teens to start being more distant because during those years they are changing and learning how to navigate life in a new way.

And the reason this happens is that teenagers are still young in the mind so they don’t always know how to communicate what they’re feeling.

And if you don’t make any effort to reach out, they will gradually disappear into the background for years.

Your teen needs to know that you care and that you’re ready to connect with them.

How to do that can be quite challenging for parents but hopefully, these pointers will give you some insight:

1. Go for movie dates

Watching a movie at home doesn’t quite offer the exact same experience as the cinema. That is why going to the movies is still something that people enjoy, including adults even up to now.

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Teens also love movies so it would be a great idea to plan for movie dates often. Try your best to have your movie dates at least once a month so that they will always have something exciting to look forward to as you bond.

2. Have more one-on-one conversations

Teenagers often have a hard time opening up to their parents. They shy away from expressing how they really feel because they are afraid of being judged or not being understood.

What you can do is have more open conversations with them. Prioritize these one-on-one convos and don’t always have them when you’re busy with other tasks or distracted at the same time.

They should feel like they have your full attention so that they can connect with you better.

3. Have meals together

In many households, having meals separately has become the norm. Fewer people are sitting at the dining table like how it used to be some years back, which is quite a sad thing.

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Having meals together allows family members to connect and talk. This might be what’s missing in your household and maybe that needs to change.

If in your house you have abandoned the culture of having meals together, try your best to make it a mandatory thing. This will greatly impact your connection with your teen in a positive way.

4. Go for walks often

Your teen might also like going for walks with you. This is a simple activity that will encourage you to have more distraction-free conversations and keep you both fit-a double win.

Schedule specific days when you can manage to go for walks with them. You could even make it a weekly thing if time permits.

5. Have game nights

For sure, many teens would prefer to stay in their rooms and watch movies, play video games or watch TikTok videos all day rather than play games with their folks. In fact, when you suggest game night they might sulk a little.

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But with time, they will realize the importance of spending quality time as a family. To get them more involved and encourage their participation, suggest that they should pick the games they want as you shop for one so that they feel more included.