How to stay happy during your period

Every woman dreads that time of the month. Yes, the time when you have your period and your body develops a mind of its own.

Not everyone has terrible mood swings and period pain but for some women, this is not the case.

How then can you stay happy and maintain a positive attitude during your period?

Here are 5 simple yet effective steps to help you stay happy during your period

1.Eat healthy

Your diet really matters during that time of the month. The foods you eat would determine how your flow would be and the kinds of pain you might experience. It is best to avoid unhealthy foods and eat more of vegetables and fruits.

 2. Drink enough water

The benefits of water cannot be overemphasized. Not only is it the healthiest drink on the planet earth, it also helps to regulate your flow and ease digestion thereby making you feel at ease even during your period.

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3. Take Painkillers

If you need to take painkillers to ease off the pain by all means do but ensure you take your pills with water.

4. Keep yourself entertained

If you find yourself feeling cranky, watch a funny movie, listen to music or if you can try to finish up on that book you have been putting off and watch your spirits get lifted.

5. Get enough sleep

Sleep is very very essential, especially to women’s health. When you do not get enough sleep your body feels tired and this can make you uneasy and cranky. So get an average of 8 hours sleep every day and you’ll definitely stay happy during and after your period.