How to use protein powder to gain weight

Over time, there have been instructions on how to lose weight for better health; however, there are still people who need to actually gain weight for healthy living.

People who are overweight can suffer from obesity; meanwhile, people who are underweight can suffer from malnourishment.

In addition, not only poor eating habits can cause a person to lose weight; it could be that they eat well, but other factors like metabolism, hormonal imbalance, and thyroid could be the cause.

Protein powder is a great supplement you can consume when you want to gain weight. Also, there are different types of protein powder. They are soy, whey, egg, brown rice, mixed plant, hemp, pea and casein protein, among others.

Here’s how you should use protein powder to gain weight:

1. Include protein powder in your diet

Include whey protein in your diet because it helps in growing muscles. If you take 100 to 200 calories of protein daily, within a week, you’ll gain 1 or 2 pounds in a week.

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2. Know the Biological Value Scale

protein powder gain weight

Know the Biological Value Scale (BV) of every protein intake. You should be acquainted with the BV of each protein so you can gain weight at your own pace. For instance, whey protein rates at 104, eggs rate at 100, and beef rates at 75.

3. Concentrate on a specific diet

Get the best protein powder choice for you in the market. Weigh the nutritional and price differences, and opt for the type that you need. Based on the pace at which each protein powder increases weight, you should opt for the one you actually need.

Don’t focus only on the cheap protein powder, but also consider the nutritional content suitable for you.

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