How to use the inconvenience of load shedding to make money

The burden of finding out how to stay warm, cook, have light, and keep food fresh in the refrigerator with load shedding is unbearable.

Despite how awful it is, load shedding unintentionally creates a chance for anybody who wants to make money to do so!

Here are some fantastic ways to profit from this nightmare:

1. Sell load-shedding bulbs

These backup bulbs work like regular LED lights when there is electricity. When load shedding strikes, the bulb will automatically pull power from its built-in battery.

The battery will automatically recharge when the electricity comes back. These can be great for those who forget to manually recharge the batteries of their LED lights.

Demand for such items will always be high in the country. You can make a lot of money with this side hustle if you know who to sell to.

2. Sell portable thermoelectric cooler boxes

This nifty gadget can save your food from spoiling due to load shedding or prolonged power outages.

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Thermoelectric cooling systems depend on electricity for cooling. These can be charged from a car but do not consume large amounts of power.

3. Sell solar power banks

Again, the power of solar energy cannot be overstated. Electricity is not only expensive, but pricey. With this side hustle, you’ll be providing a solution to two problems.

Mobile devices are more important than ever. They are glued to our hands for hours on end every day. If they run out of power, we suddenly lose a way to work and connect with others.

So, solar power banks can be invaluable to those who heavily rely on electronics for daily life.

4. Install rooftop solar panels

South Africa gets loads of sun almost all year round. Having a renewable source of power is great, not only to cope with load shedding, but also because it is clean energy.

For this side hustle you will need to learn how to actually install the panels, so you need patience, and time.

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