“I am not done with music,” Duncan speaks about his acting career


Duncan says he is not giving up on his music despite transitioning to acting.

The rapper is in love with acting after he made his debut on Netflix’s movie Big Nunu’s Little Heist with Mpho Popps and Kagiso Lediga.

“Acting was not something I was longing for. People would come and offer me roles but I would reject them because I felt I was not ready and I don’t take acting for granted. I have much respect for this industry because usually people go to schools to gain knowledge on this type of career,” he revealed to TshishaLIVE.

“I have a friend named Thulani who played a role as Mqoqi in the series The Wife who approached me and told me there would be a movie shoot which would be on Netflix and they were looking for a specific character, then he thought of me.

“He told the whole cast I would be the best fit. He went on and showed them my pictures, only to find they loved what they saw. They asked for me to do auditions via the phone and I sent them the video. They loved it and that’s how I bagged the role of ‘Mancane’, which was something I didn’t plan on doing,” he said.

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The South African star said he learnt how to act on set; he also spoke about his challenges.

“I learnt acting on the set because on my first day I watched some of my colleagues doing their roles and I took some pointers from there. I had to be smart and quick to grasp some techniques so everything would be smooth.”

“The thing that was difficult in acting was emotions. It was challenging to produce the sort of emotions they were seeking. I would do many takes just for one specific emotion and directors would try to help me because I was facing difficulties. At that point I knew this was not a walk in the park. It looks easier on screens but the actual behind the scenes is a roller-coaster and a determiner of how strong you are to pull off that specific role.”

Speaking about his music career, Duncan said: “I am not done with music, music is my life. Now I’m working towards my album which will be released this year called Incwadi Yezono, The Book of Sins. People should look forward to it. I’m still going to produce more music and I’m not planning to retire any time soon because music is my first love and I still have a long way to go.”