“I am still owing SARS,” Dr Malinga denies buying new car

Dr Malinga

Dr Malinga denies buying a new car after he shared a video of himself in a new McLaren car worth R5 million.

In September, the musician claims he is in huge debt and owes SARS over R500 000 in taxes; South Africans helped and donated to him.

People were shocked to see that he spent the money on luxury, but he denied it in an interview with Zimoja.

Linga says he still owes SARS R300 000 as he was able to pay R100 000 from the donations received.

“I did not buy the car. That is an old video I reposted from last year. It was taken during a music video shoot,” he says. “When we shot the video, a friend came on set with his car, and I asked to take it for a spin,” he says. “I reposted it now to promote a song. I can’t afford a McLaren as yet. Everyone knows that I am still owing SARS.”

“I am in the process of rebuilding my life and a fancy car is the last thing on my mind.”

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The musicians rebuked people who were quick to criticise him.

“People are always quick to criticise especially those who did not donate a cent. The ones who sent me even R10 know the kind of person I am. I have always been responsible with money. I don’t drink or smoke and have always been about family.

He further revealed that asides from Black Coffee, Oskido, Makhadzi and a few other dignitaries who help him, Julius Malema also wants to help.

“I am so grateful to everyone who has helped and I will do the same for others,” he added.

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