“I hope Drake finds God and wisdom,” Cassper Nyovest reacts to beef between the rap star and Kendrick

Cassper Nyovest wishes Drake will find God and wisdom

Cassper Nyovest reacts to the beef between the American rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

The men made headlines and trended for days due to their beef which birthed diss songs.

Nyovest was asked to choose whom he supports, but he gave a neutral response.

‘Both, I admire both of them as artists. Kendrick won the battle but Drake is that guy. His catalog is amazing. To say otherwise would be hating,” Cassper wrote.

The South African star further said he can relate with how Drake feels in the game, but advised that he finds God and wisdom.

“Yeah, I can relate so much to where he is now. Niggas are tired of Drake running the game. I hope he finds God and wisdom. Without that you end fighting from an empty place trying to convince the world you’re not insecure when you are. WE ALL ARE!!! But we are also ALL BLESSED!!!”

“I can. A lot. I can also tell you though that nothing is gonna happen to Drake’s career. He’s gonna keep dropping hits. Mentally though , he’s gonna have it bad for a while. It’s not easy to see a culture you have led and fed turn on you. Some Niggas are gonna take it too far,” Cassper Nyovest added.