Imbewu, Please Bring Back the Original KaMadonsela. Amen

She has barely turned her back on Imbewu and viewers are already calling for Fundiswa Zwane, who plays KaMadonsela to return on the show. Fans want the show to bring back the original KaMadonsela who stole people’s hearts with her on-point acting and of course, the signature word “Amen.”

Brenda Mhlongo, a veteran actor who has featured on Generations: The Legacy will replace Fundiswa as the wife of Shongololo.

Brenda Mhlongo takes over from Fundiswa Zwane as the new KaMadonsela

Brenda Mhlongo takes over from Fundiswa Zwane as the new KaMadonsela. | Credit / Twitter

Imbewu is having a bad time as its lead actor Tony Kgoroge who plays Zimele Bhengu, is replaced by Muzi Mthabela. Even Tony was only the second Zimele after the first ‘Ngcolosi” left the show.

Bring back KaMadonsela

Brenda is a brilliant actor in her own right but fans are calling for the return of their favourite actress that they grew to love over the years.

Fundiswa killed her character and she leaves behind big shoes to fill. If ever they can be filled. As expected, Twitter users professed their love for Fundiswa and how much they will miss her.

Others want the real KaMadonsela to return on the show with immediate effect.

And the description of KaMandonsela would be incomplete without mentioning “Amen.” This word, normally used by Christians to end a prayer, meant so much more to the original KaMadonsela (Fundiswa) that she included in any conversation.

While Fundiswa had a big role in KaMadonsela, it is the way in which she brought the character to life and appealed to fans that made her even more likable.

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It will take more than magic for the new KaMadonsela (Brenda) to win viewers’ hearts.

Another user acknowledged that Brenda is a good actress, but it will unlikely nail this role the way Fundiswa did.

There is no doubt that Fundiswa immortalized her KaMadonsela role in a way that whoever takes over the character from her, no matter how good she is, will never be on par with the original KaMadonsela.

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