Is there such a thing as ice cream etiquette?

There’s shower etiquette, corporate and workplace etiquette, gym etiquette and of course etiquette that comes along with different kinds of food from sushi to pizza.

And guess what? There’s also an etiquette for the world’s fave dessert – ice cream!

While ice cream can get drippy and it’s also fun to lick a cone, enjoying the chilled treat does have a few rules whether you’re tucking into a cup, devouring a cone, ice cream sandwich, gelato or a sundae.

Check a few ice cream-eating rules out

  • A site mentions how an etiquette course in Turkey has reportedly advised women not to lick ice cream.
  • Practicality also has another way – refrain from eating the base of the cone as that will make the ice cream fall through. So ideally, take small bites of the cone and the ice cream.
  • When ice cream is served in a bowl, have it with a spoon and if it is served with cake and other toppings like fruits and nuts, eat it with a fork.
  • A London-based etiquette expert, Lucy Challenger has shared the sophisticated way to eat cake and explains that with an ice-cream cake, one must use a fork and spoon, where the fork is used to place a hold on the cake piece and the spoon is used to cut a part of it and take it into the mouth.
  • A well-laden falooda that has ice cream will also need spoon as you sip and give it a stir every now and then.
  • When it comes to an ice pop or frozen popsicle, eat it in a few quick bites, to avoid it dripping onto your clothes.

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