Is your friendship for a season or lifetime? Here are 5 key signs to tell

We have all had friends we thought we would spend a lifetime with, but it does not always turn out that way.

As relationship expert, Paula Quinsee puts it, “Friendships can be for a season, a reason or a lifetime.”

Misunderstandings, arguments, and fights are inevitable in any relationship, but how you move on from them is what matters.

While some friendships are worth the effort, some are not because they were simply not meant to last. This may mean they have served the purpose for that season.

Paula says some friendships play a key role throughout our lives.

“They provide a support structure in that it’s the people we turn to when we are going through a tough time or when we want to celebrate something good in our lives. It’s the people we spend time with, create memories with, and confide our deepest secrets to.”

Paula details 5 signs your friendship is built to last:

1. You can tell them anything, and they will not judge you for it. They hold the space for you to feel safe enough to share with them and be completely vulnerable.

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2. You can trust them not to disclose anything you have shared with anyone else – you know your thoughts, feelings, and secrets are safe with them.

3. They are there for you through good and bad, day or night, and they don’t expect anything back or keep score on how many times they have helped you, been there for you, done something for you or how many times you’ve disappointed them. In other words, they are reliable.

4. You can pick up with each other no matter where you are in the world or how much time has passed since you last spoke to each other. Time has no impact on your relationship.

5. They bring out the best in you, even when you’ve behaved badly or done something wrong. They can call you out on your behaviour in a loving and caring way because they have your best interests at heart.

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