Kabza De Small at 30: Superstars the Piano King helped reach stardom

Kabza De Small who turned 30 years old on the 27th of November is known for his massive influence in the music industry.

The producer gets adored by other musicians for his creative skill which he has used to uplift others.

De Small is popularly acknowledged as the King Of Amapiano but some music artists label him their father, helper,  and many other pleasant names due to how he guarded them to success.

In other to be of help to young and fresh artists, Kabza launched one of the biggest labels in the world of Amapiano named Piano Hub; the hub has birthed various hitmakers.

However, we are going to focus on musicians Kabza De Small has helped to stardom.

1. Young Stunna

Young Stunna has countlessly eulogised Kabza for helping him achieve all the success he has today. The Adiwele hitmaker who is signed to the producer’s Piano Hub record label says De Small is like a father to him.

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2. Reason (Sizwe Alakine)

Rapper Reason switched to Amapiano genre which birthed his alter-ego Sizwe Alakine. On Kabza’s 30th birthday, the rapper revealed that the producer helped him become successful in the yano game. “Everything I am today as an artist is actually because of everything you have ever advised me to be,” Sizwe said.

3. MasterPiece YVK

YVK is signed to Kabza’s Piano Hub record label, and he’s also testified to Kabza De Small’s help. Masterpiece promised to appreciate Kabelo properly in the future.

“One day I will not only say Happy Birthday but I’ll will show you how much I appreciate you and all you have done for me. May God bless you further and expand your territory,” YVK wrote.