Kairo and I will learn how to cook – DJ Zinhle replies critics

DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle responds to critics after her daughter revealed in an interview that the DJ does not cook.

Zinhle is opened about her life and she’s mentioned months ago that she doesn’t cook.

However, Kairo caused a stir following the revealtion in an interview; the young girl said her mom makes breakfast – Eggs.

Trolls and critics poked fun at Zinhle’s husband Murdah Bongs, while a few others slammed the businesswoman.

DJ Zinhle mocked people trolling her, and said that her kids her well fed despite not cooking for them.

The South African star further said that she is opened to learning how to cook at the comfort of her home, and she will learn with her daughter.

“If you offer cooking lessons, let me know. I’d need to learn from the comfort of my own home though. Kairo and I will learn together,” Zinhle wrote.