Keke Mphuthi separated from her baby daddy, deletes his photos

Keke Mphuthi breaks up with her boyfriend

Actress Keke Mphuthi has undoubtedly separated from her lover and baby daddy after two years of relationship.

The South African star is best known for playing Lesego in the Showmax television series, Unmarried.

She is not a loud person on social media, and she tries to keep her personal life off social media, but she enjoys gushing over her lover and son.

Keke showered her man with sweet words on her social media and the two exuded commitment.

However, it appears that they might have broken up as the actress took down all photos and posts that has to do with her baby daddy, leaving only photos of her son, Thori.

Keke Mphuthi didn’t give an official announcement about breaking up with the father of her child, but her moves on the socials hint at it.

In 2022, Keke Mphuthi called her baby daddy the best thing that happened to her.

“I remember reading an article about soulmates awhile back and it spoke a lot about how you n the person you’re with or rather potential soulmate should have similar life goals , direction etc etc… we were non of those things instead we learnt new things together and drafted a new life plan we both have a stamp of approval on n YOU’RE LEADING !!!”

“I always thought I shouldn’t NEED a man it would make me weak(society taught me this 🤦🏽‍♀️)but this is a partnership n there’s definitely no way I DON’T NEED YOU. I need you all day everyday cause I want this forever . Thank you for letting me NEED YOU,LOVE YOU & GROW WITH YOU . You’re the best things that’s happened to me and I worship the ground you walk on as you do mine… THANK YOU MOTSWANA WAME , KGOSI YAME, PAPA WA BANA BAME,” she wrote.