Lady Du launches a Saloon: She’s hiring

Lady Du ventures into beauty business

Lady Du has launched a saloon named Wawa La Beauty.

The singer announced her new business on Monday with the hopes of getting people to work with her.

Du says after establishing her music career, she’s decided to venture into beauty which was a long-term dream.

The vocalist desires to empower people through the new business, hence she announced the need for employees for different roles.

“I don’t think you guys know all the things I studied, beauty being one of them after school I studied beauty traveled the world working on a cruise ship, my biggest dream was to own a salon. Music captured me I focused on it, but now that I can do both, I took my savings bought a house in the hood so I don’t have to pay rent, I wanted to bring the Sandton experience back to the hood,” she wrote.

Lady Du shared all of her certificates to prove she’s knowledgeable about beauty and running a saloon; she also detailed how to apply for the job roles in a flier.

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“I literally have been working sooo hard on it, still am. If you are from kwathema or around kindly send your cv to [email protected]  I am fully qualified in this as you can see my diplomas in all departments, some diplomas are for something else! But all qualifications are there.”

Check out the flier below: