Lady Zamar to drop new album after 5 years break

Lady Zamar, real name Yamikani Janet Banda is set to drop a new album after a five-year hiatus.

She spoke about the journey of making the project and also reflected on the challenging years when she was on break.

“It is challenging, extremely challenging. For the most part, though, it’s a real career that I get to have, and it allows me to be as open and free as I can be,” she says.

Zamar said the new album, Rainbow started in 2020.

“I got back to the drawing board, and I started with a lot of tracking. I wanted to figure out what I wanted to sound like, how I wanted to reinvent myself, trying to deal with drama on social media simultaneously, I needed to do this to be able to tune in my self-awareness. So that was the start.”

“I did a lot of vocal training around this time, looking to find the strengths and weaknesses in my own voice. In 2021 we created an entire album, but it was just not where we wanted it to be, so we started the entire project again.: