Lamiez refuses man trying to dance with her at a show (Video)

Lamiez Holworthy refuses a man who crossed his boundary while she was performing at a show.

The DJ is known to be married to Khuli Chana and they are expecting a baby boy; sadly enough, not all fans get the memo that she’s married.

Holworthy loves to dance whenever she’s playing her set, as it’s a medium to cheer the crowd.

While dancing at a recent show, a man tried to make moves on her but she frowned at him immediately, using her body language.

The man understood the message as he withdrew from her.

The video has garnered mixed reviews on social media.

“Only noticing now that they both attempted dancing with her. Cringe fest…That’s somebody’s wife yol, and she is pregnant for that matter. Respecting other’s boundaries is self-care,now look at the embarrassment,yooooh nka Loma legadima,” a tweet reacted.

Watch the video below and other reactions:

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