Lasizwe’s “Awkward Dates” show reaches a milestone

Lasizwe Dambuza is excited about the success of his YouTube show, Awkward Dates.

The content creator started the show last year, and it’s been graced by numerous celebrities.

Taking to Instagram, Lasizwe shared a photo, revealing a majority of the personalities that joined him on the show.

He revealed that 35 guests have been on the show with him since its inception.

The actor further expressed gratitude for the support from fans and colleagues.

“Dear @awkward_dates, you are growing my baby! 🥺❤️ I am so proud of you! WHO NEXT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON THE SHOW, TAG THEM BELOW! (We are making a list) ❤️🥺 Thank you to everyone who is watching Awkward Dates every week! We have consistently pushed 35 episodes to date! ❤️🥺! I appreciate and love you all! ILYSM -” he wrote.