Letoya Makhene and Lebo Keswa end their marriage due to infidelity, physical assault, fraud, other misconduct

Lebo discloses Letoya’s erratic behaviour in marriage

Lebo Keswa exposes Letoya Makhene’s misconduct during their marriage.

The women were married for over two years, but it’s finally come to an end as Lebo couldn’t tolerate the actress’ abuse.

The businesswoman confirms the incidents to Sunday World, “Letoya scalded Keswa with boiling water, bludgeoned her with an ironing board, and also threw a vase at her before damaging furniture and burning down the curtains of their Randfontein marital home.”

The South African actress reportedly slept with a married Nigerian drug merchant in exchange for narcotics.

Lebo wrote to Makhene’s family, revealing reasons she decided to end their marriage.

“Letoya Makhene cheated on me on two occasions with a Nigerian man, sleeping with him in exchange for drugs.

“Two weeks after Letoya cheated with the married man, I told her to leave my house, and she came to your home in Tladi (Soweto), only for her to once again cheat with a lesbian woman from your area.”

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“I have been physically assaulted by Letoya on three occasions, even burning me with hot water in the process, and the only family member I consulted with was her father, Blondie Makhene, who asked for forgiveness on her behalf, and at the time, I stupidly forgave her and did not take any legal steps outside of filing reports with the law.

“Letoya has destroyed both the homes that we’ve lived in. Breaking windows and burning curtains at my grandmother’s home and breaking furniture at our home”.

It was also revealed in the letter that Letoya refused visiting a mental health institution.

Lebo further revealed that the former Generation actress duped her, as she (Lebo) paid lobola for “Letoya, her mother, her children, and her dlozis (ancestors), only to find out [later] that Letoya has not completed her initiation, and this has compromised me financially as I have been subjected to numerous encounters in paying for her to -finish her initiation. Letoya and the family were not truthful to my family,” she wrote

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