“Love the body you are in,” Simz Ngema advices new mothers

Simphiwe Ngema pens some words of advice to new mothers.

The singer gave birth to her son 2 years ago for Tino Chinyani – Though they are back together after a few months of breaking up.

It’s no news that most new mothers struggle with accepting their postpartum body; Simz who is known to be a mother has penned comforting words to these women.

“Dear New mum, take your time with your body. You carried a whole human being. It’s okay to fall, as long as you don’t stay down. A little commitment and discipline can take you far. Stop comparing yourself to other people, it’s been 2years and I’m still working on my body. stay in your lane and love the body you are in,” Simz wrote.

She shared photos of herself in a swimming suit in other to help other struggling mothers.