Maglera Doe Boy’s photo with another man sparks gay rumors

Maglera Doe Boy is rumored to be gay

Maglera Doe Boy gets dragged on social media over a recent photo he shared on his Instagram account.

The rapper hugged another young man in the photo while holding a rose flower.

“I am my brother’s keeper. Do you give your brothers their flowers before they are gone? It is not African to be scared to love your brethren only when you have lost them,” he captioned post.

However, followers flooded ith Diddy’s name as they claimed that the photo suggest that the rapper is gay.

Maglera slammed the people in the comment who claimed he is gay because of the post.

“A lot of hurt black men in the comments. I understand we never got shown love. I know a lot of y’all crying inside and taking it out on me. Le tla ba shap mauti don’t be scared to love your homies. It’s only the ones who don’t know love that are mad when it’s shown,” he wrote.

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