“Maybe I’m the problem” – Walter Mokoena speaks as his second marriage ends


Walter Mokoena has allegedly walked away from his marriage with former president Jacob Zuma’s daughter Nosizwe Vuso.

The couple who have children together were married for 6 years but things have fallen apart.

It was reported that Walter decided to end his marriage with Vuso, allegedly because of her ever changing mood swings and depression.

“He told her he no longer wanted to continue with the marriage under those circumstances and left her,” claimed an anonymous source to the publication.

This separation allegedly happened last year in May, after several consultations with their family members.

Walter told the publication that he might be the problem because this is his second marriage which ended. He was previously with Pearl Thusi who is also the mother of his daughter, Thando Mokoena.

“Yes, despite all the efforts, we fell short. We drifted apart; we grew apart. But we have children together, and we are good partners to raise our children, she is a great mother, she was a great wife, and will be a great partner to raise our children, but I cannot say we are, or we will be friends. Maybe I’m the problem. Maybe I’m not good at this thing. I tried my best on two occasions and I failed. I don’t think I’m good at this thing. Maybe the problem is with me. I must also look at myself. As much as the success of this marriage would have had my fingerprints on it, its failure should also have my fingerprints on it.”