Melinda Ferguson reacts to the Forbes and Tembe’s responses to her book about their late children

Melinda Ferguson says she doesn’t need the permission of AKA and Anele’s families to release her book

Melinda Ferguson reacts after AKA and Anele Tembe distanced themselves from the book she wrote about their late kids.

The famous journalist announced the book about the love story between the late rapper Kiernan AKA Forbes and Anele.

According to The South African publication, Manqoba Zulu (who is the Tembe family spokesperson) said: “The Tembe family did not commission the writing of the book and did not contribute to it in any way. The book is therefore Melinda’s view based on her own research,” he said.

“We have seen some publications referencing quotes from Mr Tembe. We categorically deny that Mr Tembe shared such views with Melinda,” he added.

Tony and Lynn Forbes also released a statement against the book.

“We are not in any way associated with Melinda Ferguson’s book. We do not endorse it; in the same breath, we distance ourselves from the contents of the book.

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“When Melinda reached out to us we respectfully and rightfully declined to contribute to her book. At this state we cannot give any further comment on the book as we are unaware of its contents.”

The parents of the late AKA said Melinda is opportunistic and the book is distasteful.

However, journalist Ferguson said she doesn’t need the approval of both families to publish the book.

“As a journalist, it is not key to get the blessing of the families but rather to tell the story as truthfully as possible. While I encouraged participation from all parties, I wasn’t relying on getting anyone’s blessing when writing the book.”

“I feel very sorry for the Forbes, for their loss, for his fans, and for the senseless loss of Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane and his family. No family deserves to bury their child, no matter the circumstances, but I stand by my book and believe this story needs to be told. I did the work. I interviewed people from both sides,” the author was quoted as saying.

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“I spoke to Moses Tembe and I spoke to people close to Kiernan, but most of those people didn’t want to be named. People are scared because AKA was assassinated, and people are reluctant to be identified.”