Minnie Dlamini denies being back to her ex-husband, Quinton

Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini dismisses rumors of being back to her baby daddy, after two years of divorce.

The TV personality frowned at the rumor, saying that it had ended, though they are still legally married.

“I am not back with that guy and I don’t even know who started this rumour. That chapter is closed and it will never be opened,” she wrote.

“We are still legally married but I have taken back the Dlamini surname. My ID is back to Dlamini.”

Speaking about her failed marriage during an interview, Minnnie said, “I felt like I had to reduce myself in so many ways, and I wasn’t able to live the best version of myself. I feel like a marriage should never be something that clips your wings but should be something that allows you to grow a second pair.”

In their divorce settlement, Minnie agreed to pay Quinton a once-off spousal maintenance of R360 000 towards his accommodation and R120 000 in cash towards his furniture and household necessities.