Nota accuse Emtee of being a “Junkie”


Nota is at it again as he has reignited his beef with Emtee.

Taking to Twitter, the star ridiculed Emtee as a father and called him a loser.

However, looking at things, the beef might bit end soon as Nota continued to take a swipe at him.

Nota tweeted “Emtee is pathetic, no child should have such a loser as a father… Have some self respect man, damn it!”

This came Emtee revealed that he does not have a manager following his fallout with his former manager.

“I don’t have a manager, never had one so do not ask me anything if you get scammed by someone claiming to be my manager because I don’t have one for a reason. I asked Six (Sizwe Dhlomo) to manage me, he was not keen, I understood. If not Siz then nobody. I will die there,” he tweeted.

Emtee further revealed that Nota declined to manage him after asking him to be his manager.

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Nota said he refused to work with him because he did not want to go to rehab and called a junkie.


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