Nota reveals plans to rescue Emtee – Video


Nota has revealed that he does not want to bury Emtee.

In November, the star urged people to stop supporting Emtee till he stop taking drugs.

The critic says the drug is slowly killing Emtee, but people who sincerely love him should help him live long.

If you love Emtee & want him to live long enough to watch his children grow old or become a grand parent then stop attending his shows or streaming his music until he checks himself into a drug rehabilitation programme. We are watching him slowly kill himself & nobody is helping!” He tweeted.

In a recent podcast interview, Nota stated that he has a plan on how to rescue Emtee from his shackles and revive his career but the condition is that he must go to rehab.

He also said that he offered Emtee a lucrative deal and that deal is still on the table only if the rapper lives up to the stated condition.

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“I offered him a deal but I took it off the table, well, that’s still on the table but I didn’t enforce it, it’s still on the table, everything is still there,” he said. “He sat on the dotted line and everything else but I want him to go to rehab first that was the condition under which I enforce the deal.”

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