Ntsiki Mazwai attacked for her comments on light-skinned men

The controversial Ntsiki Mazwai has suffered new backlashes on social media for her comments about not finding “yellow-bone men attractive”.

Known for not mincing her words, the star often speaks her mind on her social media platforms so her latest comments come as no surprise to some.

This week, the star took to Twitter in a mini-rant about how she felt about “yellow-bone” or men with light skin.

“I don’t find yellow men attractive,” Ntsiki said.

The star made it perfectly clear she wouldn’t have certain kinds of relations with men who are light-skinned.

“Yellow men look like they can’t tap”, she wrote.

Ntsiki’s comments did not go unnoticed on the TL and of course, they landed her in hot water, especially with the men she was criticizing.

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Many men came to their defense with clap backs and spicy replies. Some users found her comments divisive, prompting a discussion on colorism.

“How have we normalized the discrimination and segmentation of ourselves?

“There’s always a category that makes a black person less: Race, tribalism, gender, skin tone, body size, hair preference, how we speak English or our mother tongue,” wrote one tweep.

This is how people responded below:

This is not a shock for anyone that is aware of her problems with man in general, as last year in September, Ntsiki called South African men perverts.

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