Ntsiki Mazwai gets fired from her own podcast

Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki Mazwai has been laid off from her own podcast account named Unpopular Opinion and left without any dime.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, the famous critic revealed that she’s been axed from the channel she built over the past months

“I’d rather not have my money stolen from me…..I built that channel,” she said.

Ntsiki says she owns the podcast but later revealed that it’s a shared channel.

“It was a collaboration but then they signed me out of all the intellectual property platforms….my lawyers are busy with it,” she said,

“They have locked me out of the YouTube account and not given me my money.”

Mazwai says she will be taking down her episodes off the channel and will launch her own podcast soon.

“Sometimes you trust the wrong people and have to accept your poor choices. I will be back with my own podcast. Still processing how my following and network were used to build and then I was bullied off my own work. Trust me……I will come back harder fam.”

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Fans sought clarity over the ownership of the podcast and Ntsiki took time to respond.

Check out some of the responses below:

“No I wasn’t a front…im a co-owner….I was just used for my fame by a bunch of unknowns who thought they are clever after seeing a small bit of Fame,” she wrote.


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