Omuhle Gela calls out his new lover, Edwin Sodi for emotional abuse

Omuhle Gela claims to be emotionally abused by her lover who is the controversial businessman, Edwin Sodi.

The two were reported to be in a romantic relationship some weeks ago, but they refused to confirm the news after being contacted by Zimoja.

According to City Press, the former Uzalo actress is suffering at the hands of her lover who has been with various female celebrities, and he is currently engaged to Durban-based actress Karen Zulu.

“So I get ‘reprimanded’ for having ‘a big mouth’ … aka an opinion because I am not a f**king mascot, and I will not be constantly lied to about the same thing or treated badly for the sake of maintaining my ‘place in your life’ and I should apparently be more obedient like the other woman. Not on my f**king watch. Thank goodness for proof,” she said in a new deleted Instagram post.

Speaking about the abuse and threats received, the actress said:

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“So physical abuse and threats is the only response that makes some people feel powerful when you stand your ground? Because they are used to door mats who don’t stand their ground and are okay with beatings because they come with luxury compensation? Not on my f*cking watch, please. Miss me with that bullsh*t, I refuse to stick around for this sh*t. They can tolerate bullsh*t to maintain status. I don’t need no f**king man to belong ‘anywhere’. I am an individual and I am confident with or without a rich ni**a. In fact, he has been after me for years.”

However, a source close to Omuhle claimed the lovers have settled.

“She is the one who made us aware that she has entered Edwin’s love nest after she posted pictures of herself at his house when they started dating in August. She is aware that Karen is his main girl, but just like all these other ladies that have come and gone, it’s like dating Edwin is a status thing in these circles.”