PH Raw X claims none of SA Hip Hop albums this year can beat his ‘FGWL2’

PH Raw X took to his social media to claim that his “FGWL2” is the best SA Hip Hop project this year.

FGWL2 is the star’s third long-form project in his career, as well as his first release of the year, as he hasn’t released any projects or singles in a long time.

PH Raw claimed on Twitter that his body of work is the best produced in SA Hip Hop this year.

The rapper revealed that he has listened to all of the South African hip-hop projects released this year and that none of them come close to his.

“FGWL2.” “…imma say it again. IVE LISTENED TO ALL THE SA HIP HOP ALBUM RELEASES IN SA!!! NONE OF THEM COME CLOSE TO “FGWL2”… I respect the big singles, but you do not EVEN CLOSE to me when it comes to the WHOLE PROJECT. SONG AFTER SONG!”

See tweet below:


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