There are many factors that should go into determining your age than just your age.

But what if you have early wrinkles or sun-damaged skin that has resulted in older-looking skin?

Luckily, there are ways with which you can resolve these issues and achieve looking younger. Here’s everything you need to start doing.

1. Pay attention to your hands

Hot water and chemicals can very much strip off the protective lipid barrier of your skin. It makes it susceptible to irritation and dryness. Apply a layer of lotion to your hands every time you put on rubber gloves. The lotion will protect your hands and it will give you an extra dose of moisture.

2. Keep your eyebrows groomed

3. Use the right skincare products

When you shop for your skincare products, you need to focus on three powerful ingredients to maintain younger-looking skin. Check if the label of serum contains antioxidants like vitamin C as it helps to brighten the skin. Add retinoids that can increase cell turnover, start using an alpha hydroxy acid exfoliator that can remove the top layer of dead skin cells.

4. Take it easy on the foundation

Heavy foundation usually settles on the rough patches. You need to go easy on your foundation usage. Avoid anything with a powder base. For younger-looking skin, you can use foundations that contain light to medium coverage.

5. Fake a healthy glow